Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Article 1. Definitions

Words used in these Terms and Conditions, whether singular or plural, beginning with a capital letter, have the meaning as defined below in the article.

– General Terms and Conditions: the present general terms and conditions.         

– Registration procedure: the procedure that the Member goes through in order to register with FAM.         

– Member: natural person who is a member of FAM after payment of the Contribution.         

– GMM: General Members’ Meeting of FAM.         

– Participant: person who has completed the Registration procedure for an activity and participates in this activity.         

– Association year: September 1 through August 31 of the following calendar year.         

– Contribution: contribution of ten euros for membership for the duration of one Association year.         

– Blacklist: a list of Members who are disadvantaged by a sanction of the board when registering for other activities.         

– Website: www.befam.nl           


Article 2. Applicability

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements, (delivery of) services, (delivery of) goods, documents, any (e-mail) newsletters, information (e-mail) messages, digital and physical mailings, the Website, the Registration procedure , as well as (legal) acts between the parties, even if these (legal) acts should not lead to an agreement.


Article 3 . Goal of association

  1. The association aims to promote:
  2. the academic and career technical experience of students from a minority group.
  3. diversity and inclusion in academic institutions.
  4. the social and professional network of minority students.
  5. a safety climate at academic institutions for students from a minority group.
  6. The association tries to achieve this by, among others:
  7. organizing activities such as lectures, workshops, excursions and informal activities, related to academic progress, culture, diversity and inclusion.
  8. ensuring the representation of students from minority groups, there where it may be desirable to represent student interests.
  9. using any lawful means that may be conducive to this end.



Article 4 . Membership

  1. Registration for membership takes place by completing, dating and signing an application form to be provided by the treasurer, on which the following information can be entered: name, first name (in full), address, date of birth, telephone number, student number, name of the study, as well as bank details that may be relevant to the completion of the membership.
  2. Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, registration for membership can also be done digitally via the website of the association.
  3. Membership will amount to ten euros per academic year . This amount is collected from the member’s account by direct debit by the treasurer.
  4. Membership ends in the cases provided for by law in Article 35 of Book 2 of the Civil Code, as well as by written cancellation by the member before the end of the academic year. Membership lasts in all cases for one academic year.
  5. Cancellation of membership must be done before the start of the next academic year. This means that cancellation must be made before September 1.


Article 5 . Rights and obligations of the members

All members have the following rights and obligations:

  1. Upon joining as a member, they have the right to receive or find a copy of the internal rules (online).
  2. They have the duty to inform the board of the change of address .
  3. They have the duty to comply with the rules of the association.
  4. The board can suspend or exclude a member from an activity if one of the obligations of the previous paragraph is not complied with.


Article 6. Authority of the board in relation to the members

The board can:

  1. if there is an activity for which a contribution is required, ask the Member for permission to collect this amount or request the Member to transfer the amount owed to the account of FAM.
  2. exclude a Member from an activity if the Member has not paid for the activity on time, as determined by the board.
  3. place a Member on the Blacklist for a next activity and impose a possible fine of 10 euros, if a Member has not unsubscribed in writing or by (e-mail) at the latest three days before the activity without having a valid reason. The board decides whether the stated reason is justified.





Article 7. Privacy

The data in the FAM member database is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act (de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). The data will only be used for FAM member activities. The association may share data with third parties in certain cases. For example, for the existence of the student association and for obtaining a subsidy for the association it is required to share your name, student number and date of birth with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition, companies where activities take place sometimes request information from the participants in the activity, such as your name and CV. If the Member does not wish this, he/she can indicate this at the time of registration for the activity.



Article 8. Liability for damage and such

  1. Participation in activities (co-)organized by FAM is entirely at your own risk, neither the board nor the supervisors appointed by this board accept any liability for loss and/or theft of the Participant’s property.
  2. Participants are at all times obliged to follow directions from the board of FAM, the supervisors designated by this board or staff present.
  3. Participants are at all times responsible for their behavior with regard to drugs, as well as alcohol and cigarettes and/or prohibited substances or objects.
  4. FAM accepts no liability for behavior and/or damage resulting from the improper use of the above items.
  5. FAM is not liable for the conduct of Participants, not even if damage results from such conduct. This concerns both material damage (this includes damage to third-party equipment and own equipment) as well as immaterial damage and/or physical damage/injuries.
  6. If a Participant causes damage, whether material, immaterial or physical, he/she can be removed from the activity immediately. In addition, the relevant Participant is responsible for all the damage.
  7. Withdrawal from participation will be made without refund of the registration fee. In the event of force majeure (to be determined by the board of FAM), a Participant can submit a request for return to FAM.


Article 9. Excursion (or trip)

  1. Participation in an excursion organized by FAM is entirely at your own risk, neither the board nor the supervisors appointed by this board accept any liability for loss and/or theft of the Participant’s property.
  2. For participation in the excursion, all conditions as mentioned in article 8. Activities organized (partly) by FAM, are also valid.
  3. Participants of an excursion must arrange for a suitable travel and/or cancellation insurance themselves. This is expressly recommended by FAM.
  4. Withdrawal from participation will be made without refund of the registration fee of the excursion. In the event of impotence (to be determined by the board of FAM), a Participant can submit a request for return to FAM.
  5. Participants who cause nuisance or nuisance to such an extent that the continuation of the excursion is made more difficult can be excluded from the continuation of the trip by FAM. The costs of this will be borne entirely by the Participant.
  6. Participants in the excursion must provide FAM with the correct information as requested by FAM or which the Participant should know that FAM should be aware of. FAM is not responsible for any consequences arising from the incorrect provision of this information.
  7. Excursion Participants are responsible for having the correct means of identification, as required in the destination country.


Article 10. General provisions

  1. The general provisions as described above are in addition to the FAM by-laws, which can be requested from FAM or from the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. FAM reserves the right to make interim changes to all the above articles and conditions. As well as to impose additional conditions on certain activities and/or excursions that are not provided for in the above conditions. Members and/or Participants will be informed of this in this case.
  3. In all cases not provided for in these regulations, the decision is made by the board.


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