You are wandering around University and are looking around. “This is the place where I will be for a few years” you think to yourself. University is not only about attending lectures, reading books and taking exams, it is also about broadening your horizon! At FAM we try to help you get more out of your student time. Becoming a member of FAM may offer you many benefits:

  • We will keep you updated about our upcoming events.
  • Hang out with our diverse, fun and loving team.
  • Utilize networking opportunities with our several partners (e.g. GlobalPeople, ECHO foundation and more).
  • Become part of a community that values supporting and guiding each other through university with our tips, tricks and experiences.
  • Become an active member and gain management skills and experience.
  • You will have the possibility to also join a smaller Family Group of 4-6 students’!
  • By becoming a member you will support FAM to realize activities that contribute to the development of students.


Build amazing friendships,
join events for free or at a discounted price
Meet other students from different backgrounds.
Develop yourself on a social, cultural and intellectual level.

The benefits of becoming a member AND part of a Family Group

  • All the benefits mentioned above PLUS:

    A Family group consists of 6 students possibly from different study programs and years, but matched together based on the same interest. It is a fun way to meet and connect with other students with similar interests that you otherwise might not get in contact with due to the different study backgrounds or the COVID19-limitations at University.

    We will provide you with the means to organize activities with your own family. These activities will be based upon your own interests, an example would be having a drink, visiting museums, karaoke evenings etc.

    Close contact and time to hang out with your Family Group as much as you like.

If join a FAMILY GROUP as well, then you have to keep in mind that family matchings take place twice a year.

Sign up and you will be matched with your group at the beginning of the upcoming academic year 2022/2023
We hope to see you soon!

Becoming a FAM member

How Can You Become a Member (and part of a Family Group)?

1. Fill the membership form

2. Pay the membership fee

3. (optional) Choose to join Family 

4. You are officially a member

General terms and conditions

  • By filling in the membership form, you grant Family of Academic Minds (FAM) permission to collect the due membership fee of €10,- annually via SEPA direct debit.
  • The membership starts after filling in and submitting the membership form and is valid until the end of the next academic year (September 1).
  • Membership is tacitly renewed each academic year. Termination of membership must take place by email no later than September 1 (of the new academic year) by sending an email to contact@befam.nl.
  • The personal data belonging to you can be shared with the Profiling Fund Committee of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the basis of the Profiling Fund Regulations. This is necessary for us as an association to be acknowledged by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • Discounts and other benefits of membership may only be used by the person in whose name the membership was purchased.

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