The FAM vibe gallery

Check below our previous events to get an idea of FAM and what we do. Don't forget to check the Upcoming events page so you don't miss out on any fun events! You can click on the images to make them bigger.

March was a month full of fun and inspirational events, including a collaboration with Feminer for our women’s day event and the family matching event! Check the pictures to get an impression 🤎✨

On the 8th of February, the family committee organized an evening filled with fun, laughter, and friendly competition.

The atmosphere was lively as everyone participated in challenges and games designed to strengthen bonds and encourage collaboration. Amidst the excitement, delicious pizza, snacks, and drinks were enjoyed by all, providing the energy needed to tackle each activity. Although one family emerged as the winner, the real victory was in the shared experience of coming together as a community.

❄FAM’s travel committee hosted its first event of the year and it was a great succes!

Take a look at these cute photos and see what our members were up to in Brussels.

We enjoyed some jolly activities at the Christmas market, went strolling through the picturesque streets and of course tried some delicious food and did some Christmas shopping.
The trip ended with an awesome bowling session with the whole group

Thank you all for coming and have a great holiday!

On Wednesday the 29th of November we celebrated Diwali! This celebration was a truly vibrant, cultural feast.

The feast took place from 18.30 till 21.00 in Atrium, MF Building and was exclusively for VU students and employees.

At this year’s Diwali event, we aimed to create an enchanting experience for all attendees, showcasing the beauty of this festival of lights. From dazzling performances to traditional cuisines, vibrant decorations, and engaging activities, these was something for everyone!


During the second family matching event we again had a lovely icebreaker, moments to get to know each other and even speed date tables! On top of that, some people did a lil dance to Taylor Swift. We want to thank all people for joining us on this cozy night of socialising with potential family members. Hopefully, everyone is looking forward to our next family event!

The first FAMily event happened where we got to know each other by playing some fun games during this cosy evening while enjoying some delicious snacks!

On Wednesday the 8th of November, together with the student association ELSA, European Law Students’ Association, we hosted a Potluck event and fundraiser for Palestina. Students brought their favourite dish from their own culture and enjoyed it with the rest of us!

On the 11th of October, we planned our first game night of the year in Green Office. While we enjoyed some snacks, drinks, pizza and great music, we played all types of games throughout the evening. The game night was a very chill yet entertaining night where people got to connect in a fun way!

On Friday the 3rd of November we celebrated Dia de los Muertos!
A guest speaker from Mexico presented. During the evening snacks, pan de muerto and cookies de muerto were enjoyed and at the end, we watched the film ‘Coco’.

On Saturday the 28th of October we celebrated the scariest party of the year by going to the Amsterdam Dungeons! 

October 3rd was Diversity Day! Diversity Office hosted a panel and lunch, focusing on the question: why does VU Amsterdam have a diversity policy? Our chair Francys was one of the panelists where she shared what diversity means for her and FAM. 

On Tuesday the 26th of September, we celebrated our first FAM event! We had a fun night at Bar Valdi where we got to know FAM, met old and new members and played some fun games

In collaboration with the Diversity Office and SOZ we organized this Iftar event! We celebrated the Islamic traditions of the Ramadan, and we also took a moment to acknowledge the Christian holiday Easter and the Jewish holiday Passover. We had speakers representing each of these religions.