As a treasurer you are a combination of the financial director, accountant and administrative assistant at FAM. You determine whether the board’s plans are financially feasible, and you translate policy into a financial overview. The tasks are mainly aimed at keeping the accounts, reports and overviews in order. You will also maintain close contact with the head of the acquisition committee to oversee the (potential) partnerships and incoming funds.  

Specific job duties:

  • Inform the board about the financial health of the association
  • Prepare the annual financial report and account
  • Make and monitor the annual and periodic budget
  • Applications for grants and funds
  • Maintain contact with institutions
  • Maintain the financial administration.
  • Make invoices and accounts payable
  • Approve and pay invoices
  • Act as point of contact for committees regarding financial matters
  • Overseeing the travel committee


  • Affinity with diversity & inclusion 
  • Organizational experience
  • Available for 8 -16 hours per week
  • Available for the whole academic year 
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
  • Verbal and written communication skills in Dutch and English.
  • Financial affinity
  • Detail-oriented and strong with numbers
  • Responsible and proactive
  • Team player as well as someone who can work independently and autonomously.
  • Helicopter overview
  • Board or committee experience is an advantage
  • Able to maintain confidentiality. 

What do you get in return:

  • Leadership, organizational and management skills
  • Work on expanding (y)our network
  • Personal growth 
  • A new FAMily of friends
  • Looks good on your resume

Are you proactive, great with numbers and passionate about adding value to the FAM team’s experience? Do you thrive on working collaboratively, both on team level and within the supporting functions? Apply to