the Board

Our FAM Board consists of a chair, secretary, treasurer, and commissioners of internal, external and public relations respectively.  The board
meets weekly to discuss most recent happenings and to work on an
even more fun and efficient way of “doing and being” FAM. The primary task of the board is to promote
the leadership of FAM, take responsibility for events and ongoing matters, and to instruct and work with
committee chairs as much as possible. Together with our entire team, we are responsible for organising
inspiring events, expanding our network and establishing contacts with worthy partners. If you want to
reach our board, you can send a message to

Berk Remzi Cakmak


I learn about new cultures through cooking and trying out new cuisines. Learning more about languages is also a passion of mine, which I besides travelling. I also like politics and nerdy stuff like gaming 🎮

I am from Cyprus 🇨🇾 and I am part of the Turkish Cypriot minority diaspora in the island.

I speak Cypriot Turkish, Turkish,English and currently learning Dutch. I also know a little bit of Cypriot Greek and German.

Merhaba/ Γειά σας!

I am Berk Remzi Cakmak, Chairman of FAM 🤎 I am a proud Turkish-speaking Cypriot 🇨🇾 who moved to The Netherlands 4 years ago. I study Biomedical Sciences at the VU, and as an international student I struggled a lot finding the right association for myself. As you have realised, it is not easy to fit in if you are not straight, do not drink and or speak Dutch. However, I got in touch with FAM during the pandemic and since then I have been devoted for the association 💪🏽 I want to show students that they always have a place in FAM, where they can belong without having to fit in to the stereotypes. I see that many first generation students with a non-Western background also struggle with same issues as me , hence why I decided to join FAM and create a change! Moreover, who does not want to eat tons of international food and connect with people from different countries? 👀

Kaj de Bont


I love to learn and gain new experiences and being in the board of FAM is one of those experiences. In my free time, I like to read, play guitar/piano, and sing. I also like to just take a walk in nature or the city.

I was born in China, but raised in the Netherlands by Dutch parents.

Dutch, English, French, German.


I was born in China during the one child policy. At 3 years old, I was adopted by my Dutch parents and during high school and all the different universities I attended in The Netherlands I never really felt at home. While I was craving to take an active part in any association.

Last year, I accidentally crashed the Constitution drinks of FAM’s first board. The invitees were from different cultural backgrounds and they were all so welcoming towards me. I never heard of FAM before back then, but I subscribed to be a member that night right away.

In Amsterdam, I found the social safety to openly be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community as T, and I found FAM. At FAM, all my different identity parts blend in perfectly with the mix of identities within the association.

Mengalvio Dompig


I am a music nerd 🤓, specifically Hip-Hop music. True poetic artists like Kendrick Lamar inspire me. I love how Kendrick's music is complex and has multiple layers. Just like we do as people.

I’m from Suriname 🇸🇷

Dutch, English, Sranan Tongo.

Fawaka? My name is Mengalvio, treasurer of FAM. I was born in Suriname 🇸🇷. My study background is Law and IT👨🏾‍💻. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I have experience working with innovative companies.
I joined the board as treasurer to apply and develop my business knowledge as well as my talent for connecting with people on a deep level.

I love FAM. The community building concept clicked with me right away and I want to maximise FAM’s potential.
Early on I was there at all the events, like ‘FAM-furniture’ and a true cheerleader. I have met a lot of interesting, smart and passionate people.

Maryam El Soudany

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

You will occasionally find me reading, listening to podcasts, taking care of my plants or cooking.

I am half Dutch and half Egyptian.

I speak Dutch & English.

Hi! My name is Maryam El Soudany and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I joined FAM, because I wanted to meet with like-minded students and join an organisation with a deeper meaning to their activities. Within FAM, people from different backgrounds come together and I enjoy being able to bond with so many different people. As a team member I am making it my mission to make all other members feel like they are at home within this inclusive association.

Haniye Mehrabi

Commissioner of External Affairs

Helloo! I am Haniye and commissioner of external affairs. As external commissioner, I am focussing on expanding FAMs network and increasing our brand awareness.


I speak Dari, Dutch and English.

Heyy! I am Haniye and I am 24 years old. Born and raised in the Netherlands, but part of the Afghan diaspora. I have a study background in neurology, psychology and right now health studies. The topics diversity and inclusivity have always intrigued me, for that reason I joined FAM. 

Pascale Lieuw Kie Song

Commissioner of Public Relations

Heyy everyone! My name is Pascale and I am the Commissioner of Public Relations.

I’m Surinamese 🇸🇷

I speak Dutch, English and Sranan Tongo.

I study Information Sciences.
Last year I learned about FAM where I realised how much of myself I could find within the values of FAM. I love that FAM welcomes everybody with open arms and you get to meet so many new people all with different experiences. I want to help students find their way at the university and I think FAM really stands for that. That’s why I decided to join the board.