Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee puts FAM on the map, online and offline. We inform our members and followers about the association, our team, our events and about our relevant core values and news. We also take care of the online and offline promotion of the association. Nowadays, having an online presence is very important. Managing the different social media platforms and increasing our online presence are therefore part of the main tasks.
Instagram is a very accessible platform to reach and educate our followers in a fun and easy way. However, we also share more formal content on LinkedIn. We are always trying out new platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and a podcast to spread our message. We find it very important to keep in touch with and interact with our members and followers. It is therefore up to the Marketing Committee to keep the (online) space open and safe.


Tahira Mohammad


I’m a punctual and easygoing person. My hobbies and interests include yoga, philosophy, film and fashion!

I am from Amsterdam!

I speak Dutch, English and Persian.

The reason why I joined FAM was because throughout my whole student life (and even before that) I was looking for associations to join and to be part of a community in college. Unfortunately, none of the existing associations at the time were appealing to me, until I found out about FAM! The amazing thing about FAM is that it’s such a diverse community, and we’re all truly aware of how important diversity and inclusivity is. For us to be able to have our own association based on these two ideals feels like an incredible milestone. I hope that all our members will feel welcome here, be able to network and develop new friendships and most importantly have a lot of fun and learn something through all the amazing events that we organize!

Madiha orfany


I love getting to know new people and some of my hobbies are dancing, boxing, painting, cooking and swimming.

I’m Afghan 🇦🇫

I speak Dari, Dutch, English and barely German and French 🌝

I was always looking for a student association where I could find people like me and when I came across FAM, it was an immediate match. The diversity and inclusion of FAM really spoke to me and it made me feel at home right from the start. It is so important, especially for first generation students, to find their place at uni and also people who they can connect with. FAM is a great place to do both of these things. I would like to share the message of FAM with more people and create a space where everyone is welcome no matter what. I am super excited to be part of this fun team and hopefully I can create some amazing content for you 📸🎊❤️

Keenen Milan

media design

I enjoy reading a good book, playing videogames, expanding my vocabulary and sleep.

Fawaka! I’m Keenen, member of Marketing and an intern at FAM. I am in my final year of highschool at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where I’m studying Media Design.

I am Surinamese and Aruban 🇸🇷🇦🇼.
I could find myself getting along with FAM’s goals and thought of it as a good opportonity to utilize my skills. Looking at FAM reminded me of my friends, being that they consist of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Seeing the people at FAM  so enthusiastic and passionate about diversity and inclusion, it charmed me. 
So when my brother Tyriq asked me to join FAM I was happy to be a part of the team!

Angeliek Doornbos


Akwaba! Hallo! My name is Angeliek and I’m half Ghanaian and half Dutch 🇬🇭 🇳🇱 I am part of the Marketing Committee at FAM and in my second year of Law at VU.

I speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

I am part of the Marketing Committee at FAM and in my second year of Law at the VU. At first, FAM seemed like a good opportunity to upgrade my skills but it’s way more than that. It’s an association where you don’t have to worry about the struggle to “fit in a culture”. It’s a place where you can be you, no matter your background. In the past, I was a member of traditional student associations. Unfortunately, I did not feel as included and welcome within these groups as I do with FAM. That’s what attracted me the most to join fam; the different pov’s, experiences’ and open-minded people ✨ I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the idea to spread and enhance diversity and inclusivity at uni!!

Shiba Foroogh

Business Administration

Salam! My name is Shiba and I’m member of the Marketing Committee. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but have Afghan roots 🇦🇫. Currently, I am doing my Master’s in Business Administration.

I was born in the Netherlands + I speak Dari, Dutch and English

The main reason for me to join this student association is because of its mission: increasing diversity and inclusion in academia. I believe that diversity has the power to influence learning, innovation and impact. Change in the world begins with how we engage with and uplift one another, which makes understanding different perspectives so important. I am looking forward to contribute to the external communication of FAM and I hope to see the organization grow further this upcoming year!

Ashilla Risautami

Artificial Intelligence

Haloo semuanya 🤗🤍 My name is Ashilla. I am a new member of FAM and I am happy to be part of the Marketing Committee. I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence.

I’m from Indonesia.

Speak Indonesian and English

I was born in Indonesia 🇮🇩 but lived in Austria for the past 6 years. I have to move again to the Netherlands. For me, moving to a new country was always a struggle. So I wanted to look for a community that could help me to have an easy transition in a new country and that’s when I decided to join FAM. It is where I feel welcome and have a great time while studying here✨. As the marketing member, I hope I can give more information about diversity and interesting events so everyone would be able to freely express themselves but still have an amazing time in the Netherlands🎉🥰

Elia Mladenova

International Business Administration

I am a third year International Business Administration student at VU. Some of my interests include yoga, binge watching series on Netflix, fashion and skincare. I am very outgoing and love to meet new people, however, I can be very introverted and love to spend quality time with myself, read books and listen to music.

I am from Sofia, Bulgaria and came to the Netherlands three years ago. I speak Bulgarian, English and just started learning Spanish.

I discovered FAM last year and after a little bit of research on their goals and values I became very interested in the organization. As an expat I know what it is like to come to a different country and start a new life. It can be hard to find friends, to adapt to new routines and feel like you belong. Joining the organization gives me the chance to make other students’ experiences easier and a lot more fun. The family committee as well as the whole FAM organization strives to bring students together and create long lasting bonds between them and I find that extremely noble and rewarding.💕🔅

Varisha Badloe

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Hallo/Fawaka/Namaste! My name is Varisha and I am part of the Marketing Committee of FAM whilst studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU Amsterdam.

I was born in Amsterdam ❌❌❌, raised here 🇳🇱 with my ancestry in Surinam 🇸🇷 and South Asia 🌏.

As a disabled student, I have grown up with several issues regarding diversity and inclusion within the mental health care system. Cultural taboos and gender stigmas were prevalent within determining the diagnoses of me and others I know with disadvantaged intersectional identities. For quite some time I have been politically active and working on projects to improve on representation, diversity and inclusion inside the disability and queer communities I have found myself in. And even though I have always had a hard time feeling comfortable in big groups, I immediately felt good and welcome at FAM. This association is the absolute extension of everything I believe in and want to work for to create a place where everyone can be themselves and thrive in university and after with this amazing team of inspirational people!🤎✨