Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee puts FAM on the map, online and offline. We inform our members and followers about the association, our team, our events and about our relevant core values/news. We also take care of the online and offline promotion of the association. Nowadays, having an online presence is
very important. Managing the different social media platforms and increasing our online presence are therefore part of the main tasks.
Instagram is a very accessible platform to reach and educate our followers in a fun and easy way. However, we also share more formal content on LinkedIn. We are always trying out new platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and a podcast to spread our message. We find it very important to keep in
touch with and interact with our members and followers. It is therefore up to the Marketing Committee to keep the (online) space open and safe.


Francys Gaviria Aldas


I’m always down to explore new food hotspots and their unique food combo’s. I love to spend quality time with my friends with latin artists fully blasting on the speaker and some snacks aside.

I speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

I’m a psychology student and member of the FAM Marketing Committee! Growing up in Amsterdam I’ve found it difficult to fit in but later I realized rather than ‘changing’ yourself, it is better to put yourself out there and just OWN IT! 🤟🏽

I joined FAM because of the diversity I’ve always looked for. Here, we support each other and get the chance to embrace and express ourselves: from talking about important topics and sharing our experiences to tasting each others (un)familiar dishes! For me, diversity and inclusivity are very important topics. I hope that not just here on the campus but all over the globe this idea will be shared as well, so that everyday WE can be a step closer in making the world a place where every individual human being feels welcomed to be their own unique self. ✨


Soleana Bahta

Criminal Law

Eritrean girl that takes pictures of the urban/hip hop scene in Amsterdam. Oh and I can talk about hip hop, rap and trap music for hours.

Born in Deventer, the Netherlands + roots in Eritrea. 

I speak Dutch, Tigrinya & English.

In the future I’d like to help underprivileged people by becoming a lawyer specified in the fields of Family and Criminal Law. The main reason for me to join  FAM was to hear different perspectives on different issues. As corny as it sounds, I love talking to open-minded people and learn as much as I can. A lot of people are just now learning about the meaning and consequences of racism, mostly because of the Black Lives Matter-movement, even though this has been going on for years and racism never ended. That’s why I’d urge everyone to read and educate yourself as much as possible and listen to people since it’s never to late to learn. Knowledge and education are so important and even though we still have a long way to go, awareness is a step in the right direction ✊🏾🌟🦋💕🌸🌍.


Ingie elzeny

Political science

In my free time I love to sing! I have an outspoken personality and Im always goofing around. 🙂

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, to a Moroccan mom and an Egyptian dad! 🇲🇦🇪🇬

I am a part of the marketing committee and I study political science at the VU, I came from the Amsterdam University of applied sciences where I studied public administration for a year. 

To me, the most important thing to gaining knowledge is understanding diverse points of view. During my previous studies, I haven’t come across a lot of diversity in that sense. I joined FAM because It seemed like a great place to meet people from different faculties at uni who all have their own unique experiences, world views and backgrounds. I definitely encourage everyone to keep talking to people who don’t seem to be like-minded, we have more in common than you think and it might just broaden your horizons! ☁️✨

Madiha orfany

Economics and Business Economics

I love getting to know new people and some of my hobbies are dancing, boxing, painting, cooking and swimming.

I’m Afghan 🇦🇫

I speak Dari, Dutch, English and barely German and French 🌝

I was always looking for a student association where I could find people like me and when I came across Fam, it was an immediate match. The diversity and inlcusion of Fam really spoke to me and it made me feel at home right from the start. It is so important, especially for first generation students, to find their place at uni and also people who they can connect with. And Fam is a great place to do both of these things. I would like to share the message of Fam with more people and create a space where everyone is welcome no matter what. I am super excited to be part of this fun team and hopefully I can create some amazing content for you 📸🎊❤️

Tahira Mohammad


I’m a punctual and easygoing person. My hobbies and interests include yoga, philosophy, film and fashion!

I am from Amsterdam

I speak Dutch, English and Persian (also a little bit of German, French and ancient Greek if you consider that a spoken language ;))

Yassine el Yaacoubi


I am curious and always ready to explore new things.

Moroccan background

Languages: Dutch, english, moroccan arabic, french and poco español

I study STREEM at the VU and I am part of the Marketing commitee. Before starting at the VU I was studying Business administration in Toulouse, France. 

During my time in France I had the luck to meet many people from different backgrounds. This made my time over there so much more fun and has taught me a lot about other cultures. It’s fascinating to see how other people live and what we can learn from each other.

When I came back I was looking for the same experience and when I came across FAM it was an immediate match! It’s a great place to meet people from all over the world and I am looking forward to be part of this amazing team.

Keenen Milan

media design

I enjoy reading a good book, playing videogames, expanding my vocabulary and sleep.

Fawaka! I’m Keenen, member of Marketing and an intern at FAM. I am in my final year of highschool at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where I’m studying Media Design.

I am Surinamese and Aruban 🇸🇷🇦🇼.
I could find myself getting along with FAM’s goals and thought of it as a good opportonity to utilize my skills. Looking at FAM reminded me of my friends, being that they consist of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Seeing the people at FAM  so enthusiastic and passionate about diversity and inclusion, it charmed me. 
So when my brother Tyriq asked me to join FAM I was happy to be a part of the team!