Events Committee

It is up to the Events Committee to organize inspiring, educational and fun events for our members. Our events are focused on embracing diversity and inclusivity! We strive to create a safe space where all of our members feel accepted, heard and comfortable to be themselves. Each event is based on a different topic that is relevant for students, some are focused on growth and development, while others serve a more relaxing and social purpose. Whether you want to share your perspective on relevant issues in society, or you want to meet like-minded students, our events are the place to be! Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently conducting all of our events online, however, we hope to be able to organize physical events soon! 


Fadoua abou

International Business Administration

I love connecting with stories, in all the forms they exist, whether that is through people sharing their experiences, travelling, culture, history, books, movies, and of course music. Also a self-diagnosed caffeine addict.


Dutch, English, German & Arabic

I love exploring all cultures through people, travel and stories. To me, diversity and inclusivity are extremely important, but as I see it, not yet fully accomplished. Growing up as a third culture kid can make it difficult to navigate school, career, life and gaining sense of belonging. It is therefore important that supportive communities like FAM exist. FAM is a group of enthusiastic and passionate advocates for inclusivity, and I am very excited to contribute to future FAM events, see you all there! 🥳🥳🥳


Berk Remzi Çakmak

Biomedical Sciences

I like to cook during my free time . Also I love photography and editing.

I am a proud, patriotic Turkish-speaking Cypriot 🇨🇾🏝🕊

As you might know, Cyprus is a multicultural island when it comes to its history and the inhabitants. Therefore, as a person that grew up with diversity, I knew that it was a good decision to study at VU Amsterdam. However, as an international, I struggled a lot when I wanted to be part of associations at VU. I couldn’t find very active and diverse communities especially because of me being an international student. Then I met FAM! It is the one and only association which is based on diversity and aims to blend all cultures together 💯 In FAM, my goal is to create the diversity that most of others lack and make our community an open space for everyone!


Afsaneh Andrisan

International Business Administration

As an international student, I was looking for joining a community to learn and experience working with people with different cultures. I found FAM which consists of students from several countries. It enables us to network with wider backgrounds with more inclusion and diversity.

I am from Iran and I speak Farsi and English.

Salam! I am Afsaneh from Iran 🇮🇷, an student of International Business Administration at the VU. I am a member of the event committee of FAM. As an international student, I was looking for joining a community to learn and experience working with people with different cultures. I found FAM which consists of students from several countries. It enables us to network with wider backgrounds with more inclusion and diversity.

Era Georgiade

Liberal Arts & Sciences

I'm a passionate foodie and love travelling! In my free time I love reading books, going on hikes and visiting new places!✈️

I am half Taiwanese and Half Cypriot 🇹🇼🇨🇾 I speak fluently English and Greek. I am also trying to learn Mandarin and Turskish.

Γειά σας! Merhaba! Ni Hao! Hello!

My name is Era and I am part of the Events Committee! I study Liberal Arts & Sciences at Mastricht University. I am half Cypriot and half Taiwanese 🇨🇾🇹🇼 As a student with an international background I love connecting with fellow international students! Therefore, when Berk (another FAM member) introduced me to FAM I was thrilled and could not resist joining the association! As part of FAM ,an organization based on diversity and inclusivity I would love to introduce this organization and help reach international and diverse students all over The Netherlands that might feel excluded or singled out!

Carla Andrisan

Communication and Information

Reading, dancing, listening to music, going out for a walk with friends I’m a very passionate and focused person, always looking for new opportunities to improve and confront myself with other people and cultures.

I’m from Italy and speak Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Ciao👋🏻! My name is Carla and I am a first year Communication and Information student from Italy 🇮🇹 with a latin soul🇨🇴. I recently became part of the events committee 🎤📝here at FAM. One of the reasons that motivated me to join FAM was the diverse, open minded and welcoming community. Shortly after meeting some senior members, I decided to take part in a couple activities and I felt encouraged and willing to express my opinion freely, without being afraid of judgment. I was truly interested in engaging in fun and stimulating activities related to my field of interest.

To conclude, Fam is a wonderful place to meet other students 🎓📚 who share similar interests and look forward to positively influencing the future generations and society!

Dachel Seeratan


Interests/hobbies: knitting, singing & spending time with loved ones. I am the most idle nerd you will get to know. I love make-up, glitters and everything in pink, but also love studying pathology (learning about different diseases) and telling my friends and family all about what’s going on in their bodies, at inappropriate times.

Where you’re from: The Netherlands with roots in Trinidad 

Languages: Dutch and English (many accents and dialects including Trinidadian ofcourse)

Last year I was the president of the Medical Faculty’s diversity committee and came upon a lot of inequality within the medical curriculum. For instance, we never studied the many skin diseases and manifestations on black or brown people, which makes it hard for new doctors to recognize them on non-white people. Due to this I wanted to keep fighting for a fair curriculum, but also for all of VU to become more inclusive. I joined FAM to find a community and network to fight for equality together. Through the Events Committee we try to unite students and give them a feeling of being part of a very fun happy family 💕