Events Committee

It is up to the Events Committee to organize inspiring, educational and fun events for our members. Our events are focused on embracing diversity and inclusivity! We strive to create a safe space where all of our members feel accepted, heard and comfortable to be themselves. Each event is based on a different topic that is relevant for students, some are focused on growth and development, while others serve a more relaxing and social purpose. Whether you want to share your perspective on relevant issues in society, or you want to meet like-minded students, our events are the place to be!


Fadoua abou

International Business Administration

I love connecting with stories, in all the forms they exist, whether that is through people sharing their experiences, travelling, culture, history, books, movies, and of course music. Also a self-diagnosed caffeine addict.


Dutch, English, German & Arabic

I love exploring all cultures through people, travel and stories. To me, diversity and inclusivity are extremely important, but as I see it, not yet fully accomplished. Growing up as a third culture kid can make it difficult to navigate school, career, life and gaining sense of belonging. It is therefore important that supportive communities like FAM exist. FAM is a group of enthusiastic and passionate advocates for inclusivity, and I am very excited to contribute to future FAM events, see you all there! 🥳🥳🥳

Berk Remzi Çakmak

Biomedical Sciences

I like to cook during my free time . Also I love photography and editing.

I am a proud, patriotic Turkish-speaking Cypriot 🇨🇾🏝🕊

As you might know, Cyprus is a multicultural island when it comes to its history and the inhabitants. Therefore, as a person that grew up with diversity, I knew that it was a good decision to study at VU Amsterdam. However, as an international, I struggled a lot when I wanted to be part of associations at VU. I couldn’t find very active and diverse communities especially because of me being an international student. Then I met FAM! It is the one and only association which is based on diversity and aims to blend all cultures together 💯 In FAM, my goal is to create the diversity that most of others lack and make our community an open space for everyone!

Dytaysha Laurence

biomedical sciences

Bon dia! My name is Dytaysha and I am a proud member of the Events Committee. I am a second year biomedical sciences student at the VU🧬🔬.

I was born and raised in Aruba🇦🇼 and I’m also half Venezuelan🇻🇪. 

Growing up on the other side of the world on a little island🌎 and being surrounded by people from all over the world means diversity was a part of me, but it is not really like that here. At my first FAM event I saw firsthand that FAM is not like any other association (party “borrel”🍻), but that FAM actual takes diversity, inclusion, and education seriously. There were not many people at the event but those handful of people from all over the world made me feel so welcomed, I felt at home🥰. I never completely felt that way at my other association. That was when I knew that I wanted to be part of FAM. Since then I met and work with so many amazing people that all have the same goals and ambitions to make a more diverse community for the students here at VU🤩💪🏼. 

I hope that with my committee and with the entire FAM team we can make more students feel at home🫂💕!!

Maryam Elsoudany

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Hoi/salaam!😊 My name is Maryam, I'm 23 years old and I am happy to be a part of the events committee at FAM! I study pedagogical sciences at VU

I am half Dutch 🇱🇺 and half Egyptian 🇪🇬.

I don’t always feel the space to express and experience both parts of my ethnicity. But during the pandemic I joined one of the FAM’s events and felt super welcomed and had lovely conversations.☺ That’s when I decided I wanted to be part of the association. By joining the events committee I hope to help bring people together from all different backgrounds to discuss, have fun and learn from & about each other. Hope to see you soon ☺✨

Carla Andrisan

Communication and Information

Reading, dancing, listening to music, going out for a walk with friends I’m a very passionate and focused person, always looking for new opportunities to improve and confront myself with other people and cultures.

I’m from Italy and speak Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Ciao👋🏻! My name is Carla and I am a first year Communication and Information student from Italy 🇮🇹 with a latin soul🇨🇴. I recently became part of the events committee 🎤📝here at FAM. One of the reasons that motivated me to join FAM was the diverse, open minded and welcoming community. Shortly after meeting some senior members, I decided to take part in a couple activities and I felt encouraged and willing to express my opinion freely, without being afraid of judgment. I was truly interested in engaging in fun and stimulating activities related to my field of interest.

To conclude, Fam is a wonderful place to meet other students 🎓📚 who share similar interests and look forward to positively influencing the future generations and society!

Trixie de Graaf

political science

Salamu aleikum/hoi/halo semua, Trixie here! I’m currently studying political science at VU and I’ve been part of the event committee since the beginning of this academic year. 

I’m Jakarta’s original 🇮🇩 and was raised in the Netherlands since I was 6.

Growing up with very little family in the Netherlands, I was always longing to be part of a community. Therefore, I was looking for a student association that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Since my parents didn’t study in the Netherlands, I had many questions about it. Thankfully, I have had very supportive friends who also introduced me to FAM ♥️. When I first attended a FAM event, I was warmly welcomed by everyone and felt a great sense of belonging. That’s when I decided to join FAM. I find FAM an amazing community to meet people from diverse backgrounds and to build friendships. I can’t wait to see you all in the upcoming events! 🙂

Ngasholy Henriette


Bon dia/Fawaka!! My name is Ngasholy and i am part of the Events Committee within fam🥳✨. I am in my second year of studying law at the VU 📚.

Im born and (mostly) raised in the Netherlands but my roots are in Curaçao 🇨🇼, Surinam🇸🇷/mixed with China 🇨🇳 , and a little bit of dutch too 🇳🇱( i know, its a lot🤣)

Growing up, it was sometimes hard being a multi-racial person because i didn’t fit in any box and i was always searching for a place to be accepted for who i am instead of trying to fit the box. This is why i joined Fam :). The community is always welcoming everyone with open arms and accepts everyone for who they are and i wanted to be part of something with so much diversity yet still united. What i want to achieve within Fam is to make it as big as possible and make more people feel as welcome as i felt the first time and give them the best experience. ❤️🦋

Bruno Moses


Tachchen! What’s up! My name is Bruno and I’m a new member of FAM’s wonderful events committee. I study psychology at the VU

 I’m originally from Germany 🇩🇪.

I joined FAM for several reasons: As a white, heterosexual cis-male from a high-SES background, I have never experienced any discrimination. And while I always deemed myself to be a very inclusive and tolerant person, last year I realized that I was also contributing to social inequality when I started to educate myself more about this issue. That made me recognize how immense of a problem social inequality is and how even myself, who never intended to do so, also contributed to these problems. I hope that through my work and effort here at FAM, I can instead play a role in creating a more equal world. Moreover, I believe that being an active member of FAM gives me not only a great opportunity to grow as a person, but also to contribute to a community that cares about the well-being and inclusion of everyone. And lastly, I just loved the vibe the association gave off from the very first time I came into contact with it. I’m looking forward to an exciting time!



In my free time I like to travel, read about literally everything, paint and I dabble in photography. I am someone who likes to try out everything and am curious to a high level!

I speak Dutch, Arabic and English. Although I was born and raised in the Netherlands, I am also the daughter of two Iraqi immigrants 🇮🇶

Growing up, I always felt that I was too “Iraqi” around Dutch people, but also too “Dutch” around my own people. Therefore I used to spend a lot of time trying to decide to which one I belong most. At some point I decided…I don’t have to pick just one culture, I can be part of more. That is why I joined FAM, to be around like-minded people who also just enjoy learning about other cultures, stories and perspectives. It would be wonderful to help build a platform where one can be who they are and where diversity is applauded and appreciated💯✨