Travel Committee

The travel committee organizes the yearly FAM international trip. The trip is designed to offer an insight into different cultures, networks, professions and interests. It’s up to the travel committee to pick the country and choose the activities. Think of city tours, workshops, company visits, culture and parties. Besides these activities, the students will also need an optional planning/free time. It’s your task to coordinate this and make a well-rounded and inclusive schedule. You will be responsible for the acquisition, managing the finances, selecting the participants and leading a big group of students through a foreign country. Luckily, you can receive a lot of input from the members themselves. What are their interests? What would be a valuable experience for them? Which companies or contacts are interesting for their network? Organizing a trip like this will test your organizational skills and you will gain an unforgettable experience. 

Estimated workload per week: 4 hours. (4-6 hours for head)

Specific job duties:

  • Planning the trip
  • Selecting the country and the participants 

  • Raising the funds for the trip

  • Managing the finances 

  • Contacting companies at home and abroad 

  • Leading the group during the trip

  • Collecting feedback from the members

  • Pitching FAM to relevant parties at home and abroad

  • Expanding the FAM brand on an international level

  • Meeting once a month with the entire FAM team


  • Affinity for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Affinity with networking

  • Fluency in English

  • Prior experience is a pre

  • Organizational skills

  • Team player and detail-oriented

  • Being able to work under pressure

  • You must be available for the whole academic school year 22-23

  • Estimated workload per week: 4 hours (4-6 for head)

What do you get in return:

  • International connections

  • Work on expanding (y)our network
  • Organizational skills 
  • Personal growth 

  • A new FAMily of friends

  • Looks good on your resume!

If this gets you excited, don’t hesitate and apply by sending an email with your CV and motivation as well as your availability for interviews to  CV