Sip & Share

Being queer and BIPOC comes with unique challenges and experiences across most aspects of life, and university or work is no exception. Sometimes they can be great: you may be able to add a distinctive perspective to research that is dominated by white queer experiences. Often it can be difficult as well: most queer spaces in the Netherlands are targeted towards white queer people and different cultural backgrounds may contribute to unique challenges faced by queer people.

This VU Pride TalkS! we will be collaborating with FAM and are hosting a Sip & Share in 3D! We will start off with a poetry workshop and continue with our regular sharing circle to share our written poetry and talk about the topic. Everyone is welcome, but with this event we will be centering queer BIPOC experiences. We hope to learn from each other and make space for these specific stories and feelings to be highlighted. For a change, the lights will be dimmed, candles will be lit, and cocktails/mocktails will be served. Come by for the spoken word, snacks, and to make some (new) friends!

Topic: Being Queer and BIPOC: Sip & Share

Date: Wednesday 7 December

Time: 7.00-10.00 P.M. / 19.00-22:00 o’clock

Location: 3D in the VU W&N Building

Sign up link here!