Podcast committee

The podcast committee is a new start-up by our association! It entails podcasts, short interviews, editing and creating visual and audio content to stress the importance of the key topics that FAM discuss. 


Maryse Vorm

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Odi Odi 👋🏾, my name is Maryse Vorm I'm 20 years old and recently joined the FAM association as part of the Podcast . I'm currently in my third year of the bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences 💉🧪👩🏾‍🔬at the VU.

I am of Surinamese 🇸🇷descent and lived in the amazingly beautiful city Paramaribo (SU tek yu big up 🇸🇷❤️) from my 9th till my 18th, up to when I moved back to NL to study in Amsterdam.

When I just moved back to  NL I made lots of friends outside of school, but I was really longing for friends and a warm nest at uni. That’s why I decided to join FAM where I’ve found friends I could also relate to academically, because we all know the struggle is very real!📚🥸  I also think that dutch uni’s have lots of work to do when it comes to Diversity & Inclusivity, and within FAM I will also be committed to making that highly necessary change!🤎✊🏾

Grantangi ❤️🇸🇷

Andreea Daniela Giurgiu

Artificial intelligence

I love dancing, travelling, photography, organising events


Languages: Romanian, English

I joined FAM because I loved the idea of being part of a family. I think one of the hardest steps for me when I chose to study abroad was the fact that I had to be away from my family. Homesickness was something that gave me some panic attacks in the past. When I heard about the FAM association’s goal to support students and create mini families in order to have someone to motivate and be near you, I knew that this is the type of association that I would like to be in. What’s more, FAM is the type of association that doesn’t make you feel strange or feel that you don’t belong in a group just because you are different.