Acquisition Committee

We’re FAM’s business department. Here at Acquisition, it’s all about the money! Well not all, but acquiring funding is a pretty big part of our activities. We try to get the funds necessary to organize all the events and keep the families up and running. More specifically we’re working on propositions and meetings with potential sponsors as well as maintaining relationships with current sponsors and partners. Besides the money part we’re also working on getting discounts and other benefits for our members, and are setting up collaborations with other study/student associations.


Tyriq Burnett

finance and technology

My interests lie in sports, gaming and partying.

 My parents are from Surinam 🇸🇷, but I was born in the Netherlands.

I speak Dutch, English and Sranangtongo.

Fa waka! My name is Tyriq Burnett, Treasurer of FAM and I am a Finance student. My parents are from Surinam 🇸🇷.

I am part of FAM to support students who have trouble finding a home at VU. And to create a platform where people from different backgrounds come together and learn from each other. My vision of FAM is a diverse family that supports each other and stimulates personal growth. 


Samuel Kassa


In my free time I really like to play tennis, run and read! I basically like all topics ranging from psychology, neuroscience, and history!

I’m of Ethiopian descent and speak Dutch and English — only understanding Amharic (which is the working language of the country).

I’ve heard great stories about fam and it’s diversity theme and that’s why I joined it! I really believe that representation matters do that’s also why I wanted to join FAM!


Eugene Nakanjako

International business administration

In my spare time I like to play basketball, going to the gym (when possible), and going out.

I am from half Dutch half Ugandan descent, and the languages I can speak are English and Dutch.

Hi, my name is Eugene, and I am part of the acquisition committee within FAM 💼. I am in my third year of International Business Administration at the VU. I am from mixed descent. My mother is from Uganda 🇺🇬, and my father is Dutch. I heard of FAM via via, and I liked the idea of bonding together with people that are like me. Together we can stand stronger. Not only at the VU, but maybe also in society. I have just joined this year, but I already am at peace. I look forward to meet all the other people during offline events, and I hope that we can make an already nice atmosphere at FAM, even better. See you all soon!

Kourosh soltany

Business administration

I like to play footbal, practice martial arts and to read if I have the time. My goal is to travel a lot in the future in order to educate myself.

Iranian descent

Farsi, English, Dutch

Growing up in two cultures wasn’t always easy for me. Although I generally see it as something very unique and educational, I have always recognized the importance of diversity and I have noticed that there is still too little attention to this subject in society and universities. FAM gives me a chance to contribute to this deficit and to really make a difference. The warm atmosphere and diversity of FAM really appeal to me. I am looking forward to helping to secure the bag for FAM and to be part of a diverse community where we can educate ourselves and each other through diversity and inclusion! 💪🏼❤️

Maricristy Foglia

Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT

I love to dance and listen to music, especially Jhene Aiko & Bad Bunny. D&I is also very important to me so I like to inform myself about these topics and get inspired by books, articles, podcasts and people.

I’m from Peru 🇵🇪
Spanish, Dutch and English

MEET THE FAMILY: Hola! I’m Maricristy Foglia, Chairwoman of the Promo Committee of VU Family. I am a proud Peruvian 🇵🇪 As a law student I visit many law firms and I enjoy this very much. However, it is no secret that many companies are not very diverse. I know a lot of students struggle with this. That’s why I joined VU Family, where we can share our experiences and grow from it. Diversity is not about creating separate groups based on our differences, but about celebrating these differences! Also, international snacks at the office, who wouldn’t want that?

Anisha Jahangir


Namaste/Fa waka! My name is Anisha! Currently, I’m a second year medical student and i'm the secretary of FAM. I’m Surinamese🇸🇷, but my roots go back to India🇮🇳


Speak Dutch, English

In high school I was given an opportunity to give a Ted-talk about the inequalities in the dutch primary educational system. From then on I realized that diversity and inclusion is a topic that is really important to me. Therefore, when I started university I specifically looked for a student association that focusses on D&I.
My vision of FAM is that we can connect people from al different kinds of backgrounds, which is something I think we especially need right now during this lockdown.
I can’t wait to meet everyone in person, but for now stay safe💕💕!!