Acquisition Committee

We’re FAM’s business department. Here at Acquisition it’s all about the money! Well not all, but acquiring funds is a pretty big part of our activities. So, are you proactive and not afraid to take a lead? Do you have what it takes to close the deal? Then we’re looking for you!

We try to get the funds necessary to organize all the events and keep the families up and running. We do this by acquiring new sponsors, subsidies and other partnerships. This means you’ll be working on propositions and meetings with potential sponsors as well as maintaining relationships with current partners. Additionally, we’re working on getting discounts and other benefits for our members, and are setting up relationships with other study/student associations. This is also a great way to build up your network and work on your resume!

Estimated work load per week: 3 hours

Specific job duties:

⦁ Attend the Acquisition team meetings every other week
⦁ Attend the monthly general team meeting
⦁ Work on expanding (y)our network
⦁ Work on the strategy of company approach
⦁ Work on sponsor propositions
⦁ Meet with different potential sponsors
⦁ Maintain relationships with current partners
⦁ Scoring discounts and benefits

Deadline: 12 September 2021
Interview dates: 13-19 September 2021

Apply by sending an email with cv and motivation as well as your availability for interviews to