Family Committee

Now this committee is also known as the core of FAM. The family committee is all about forming connection and creating a community for our members that they can fall back on. Here we try to match students from all fields, various backgrounds and whatnot with each other based on their common interests. This group of matches will then be able to do activities together and get to know each other better so they can have their own little family in academia!

Next to that, the family committee is sort of like a ‘mini FAM’ in itself. We organize also events that are aimed at ‘family’ members only. Due to covid we have been organizing these events mostly online but also had a successful physical one in this summer and hope to organize more of the latter in the upcoming school year. Next to that, these events hold the theme and rationale of getting to know each other better with every event. It is a fairly new committee compared to the rest but that makes it also very exciting as you want to make sure to make good matches and keep the bonds and connections running.

So do you see yourself as a matcher, wanting to connect (with) people? Are you versatile and down to indulge in various activities? Do you have a heart for people and communities? Are you flexible and love organization? Then wait no longer and sign up for family committee!

Estimated work load per week: 3-4 hours

Specific job duties:

⦁ Attend the weekly meetings
⦁ Attend the monthly general team meeting
⦁ Match members
⦁ Keep contact with family members
⦁ Coordinate families
⦁ Organize (bonding) events
⦁ Deliver family committee content for social media

Deadline: 12 September 2021
Interview dates: 13-19 September 2021

Apply by sending an email with cv and motivation as well as your availability for interviews to