Events Committee

Are you willing to inspire your fellow students by organizing events? Do you want to expand your network and get in touch with different students and organizations? Seize this opportunity and apply to be a member of the Events Committee! As a member of the Event Committee, you will help organize a series of events focused on embracing diversity and inclusivity! Each event is based on a different topic that is relevant for students, some are focused on growth and development, while others serve a more relaxing and social purpose. 
Due to corona, we have organized most of our events through zoom in the past year, however, as things are looking up, we hope to organize physical events again in the upcoming year! 
During the team meetings, you will be brainstorming and planning events, whilst coordinating with other committees. Together we work towards organizing events and activities that foster the core values of FAM, diversity and inclusion. As a member of the events committee ensuring that our events remain a safe space for our attendees and members is an important responsibility.
Estimated work load per week: 3 hours
Specific job duties:

⦁ Express ideas and provide input for events
⦁ Actively participate in meetings, contribute to the discussion, brainstorm and share innovative ideas  
⦁ Participate in the development and implementation of the committee work plan
⦁ Researching potential event topics/guests
⦁ Making detailed events schedules/timelines
⦁ Preparing events venue: catering, decorations, equipment etc
⦁ Welcoming and engaging with event attendees

Deadline: 12 September 2021
Interview dates: 13-19 September 2021

Apply by sending an email with cv and motivation as well as your availability for interviews to