Courageous Conversation 21:
“So what do we do now?” – A conversation about our dreams and ideals for a more equal society

  • Wednesday 25 August 2021
  • 4 – 6 p.m.
  • Free event
  • Location: 3D on campus
  • Audience: anyone with an interest in this topic
  • Language: English
  • Register here

During this summer theater company Oostpool performes ‘Hollandsch Glorie’, a fabulous, critical satire about Dutch History and the need for stories that fit our current multi-ethnic society. Students of FAM joined Oostpool by connecting their personal stories and experiences to piece during special openings before the Thursday night performances.

But what does such a theater piece bring about? Does its message last after the curtains are closed and all actors go back home? And how do students at VU continue their conversation on diversity within the academic setting?
How do we shape our personal engagement in the ruth of our daily and academic lives? Can change be influenced by art and talks about ideals and dreams of inclusiveness? Or is change a process that we simply cannot influence?

So come on out and join us for this talk on ideals, activism and the longing for change. Let’s have a heartfelt conversation on the challenges of trying to make this world a more equal place
This Courageous Conversation in organized by VU debate center 3D and FAM, the student association that aims to create a diverse and inclusive student community. Members of the theater company Oostpool will be joining us during this conversation.

Location: 3D on campus
You will find 3D in the gallery of the W&N building, the entrance is on the campus square.
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About Courageous Conversations

The Courageous Conversations are courageous and difficult conversations for VU students and staff about uncomfortable questions with often abrasive answers to the big questions of society that concern and sometimes divide us as a university community.

VU debate center 3D and the Diversity Office organise the Courageous Conversations on a regular basis.