Deloitte inhouseday

On April 14th, FAM and Deloitte will host an inhouseday. We’ll kick off with a short introduction. Afterwards, Deloitte will give a workshop on teamwork. Here, you will learn how to utilize individual similarities and differences, and create teaming success.

Afterwards, we’ll have a discussion about I&D at Deloitte. We’ll close off with a lunch with multiple employees where you can have a casual chat and ask questions. This is a great way to show yourself and ask some questions about their experiences, challenges during their career, and ask for tips on how to prepare for a job at Deloitte.

Apply by sending your CV to with Deloitte as subject

  • Date: April 14th
  • Time: 09.30 till 13.30
  • Application deadline: April 7th
  • Location:
  • Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970
  • 1081 LA Amsterdam
  • Target group: Master or 3rd year bachelor